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Learn English from the Experts

Why Study English?


English is the international language of business and travel. The importance of fluency and proficiency in spoken and written English cannot be overstated. English proficiency plays an important role not only in improving your academic results but also in improving your career prospects.


The Language Centre


The Language Centre @ BAC (TLC) is run by a dedicated and qualified group of language professionals with years of experience in education, guaranteeing you a high quality, language learning experience.


TLC will give you an opportunity to develop a whole range of academic and professional skills in a rich multi-cultural setting with local and international students. Whether you are studying a language to improve your career prospects, for travel or to enter university, TLC has the right course for you.

The Best Language Teachers


The TLC teaching team will ensure a successful and enjoyable language learning experience. Comprising some of the best language teachers in the region, the teaching team’s experience, dedication, commitment and genuine interest in your progress is second to none.


An Interactive Language Learning Experience


TLC teachers use a range of modern teaching techniques, communication activities, projects, language analysis and skills to ensure that lessons are dynamic, enjoyable and extremely rewarding. In addition to content developed by the TLC team, teachers use syllabuses and content developed by some of the leading language teaching organisations in the world to ensure fast and effective learning.

Continuous Monitoring and Assessment


At TLC your teachers will continuously monitor your progress with regular assessments and activities to ensure that you meet your language learning goals and achieve your desired results. Every course culminates in the award of a certificate of achievement setting out the level of proficiency you have attained.


State of the Art Facilities


TLC’s state of the art facilities provide the ideal language learning environment. The bright and spacious multimedia equipped classrooms are complemented by a library, halls of residence, a gym, a student lounge, a book store, a cafeteria amongst others to ensure a holistic learning experience.



TLC offers a wide range of English language courses.

General English


The General English programme covers all aspects of the English language including grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. There is a strong focus on effective communication as well as reading, writing and listening skills. Students are placed into classes after sitting a placement test which helps determine their level of English as well as their strengths and weaknesses.


Cambridge English


These courses are for students who want an internationally recognised certificate in English while improving their English language skills.  There is an entrance test for each course.


  1. First Certificate (FCE) - A good course for Upper Intermediate students wanting to enhace their English Language skills.
  2. Advance Certificate (CAE) - This course aims to hone your professional language skills.
  3. Proficiency Certificate (CPE) - The Cambridge Proficiency Certificate helps you enhance your oral language skills.




This IELTS Prep course will help improve your English language skills while preparing you for the IELTS test. The course focuses on all aspects covered in the IELTS assessment including writing, reading, listening and speaking and covers test strategies and techniques as well as practice tests.


Business English


These courses are for students who want an internationally recognised certificate in English while improving their English language skills.  There is an entrance test for each course.


Legal English


Legal English is designed to meet the specific needs of law students and young lawyers to communicate effectively in the legal scenario. The programme focuses  on the accurate use of modern legal English terminology; writing clear and concise legal options and key language for effective communication.


TLC offers full-time, part-time and fast-track intensive courses for you to choose from.

Language learning should also be fun


Kuala Lumpur has a unique combination of academic excellence, a rich artistic and cultural heritage, an unrivalled nightlife and is positioned at the centre of global business.




With an amazing variety of entertainment and artistic choice, KL is fast becoming a 24-hour city. There are restaurants from all cuisines to suit all budgets so you can eat your way around the world in just one city.


Sports and Shopping


For sports enthusiast, KL offers a variety of sporting activity that would suit your interest.




We have a team of dedicated staff who will look after you from the moment you make your first enquiry all the way through your enrolment process. You can choose to contact us directly or via a representative in your own country.




We can provide you with the necessary documentation to accompany your visa application.


Airport Transfer


What better way to feel comfortable about your arrival in Kuala Lumpur than to have someone waiting to pick you up as soon as you set foot in Malaysia. We offer a safe, reliable airport transfer service to take you straight from your arrival to your new accommodation.




You should have valid travel and medical insurance for your stay in Malaysia. You can purchase your medical insurance from TLC@BAC.

First Day Orientation


On your first day at school, you will be given a test to ascertain your level of English. You will also be given a detailed introduction to TLC@BAC and your life as a student in KL.



At TLC@BAC you will find a caring team of staff who have a genuine interest in your welfare and who will do their best to help you with any questions you might have. You will be offered regular private tutorials with your teacher to discuss your studies and progress.





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